Otsikko: TurkuSec One year MeetUp
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Päivä: 20.05.2017 15:00 - 18:00
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TurkuSec One year MeetUp

TurkuSec is turning one year old and therefore our May meetup will be a bit more special. We will have couple of lighting and full-length talks. The venue, as always, is SparkUp. More info in following days.

We are searching for sponsorship.

15:00 Opening
15:20 Lighting talk by Joona Hoikkala
15:30 "Taking a top down 'out-of-network' view on cyber-attack campaigns as instruments for producing strategic effects on corporate targets" by Adam Klus
16:00 "Database hoarding 101. Glimpse on database trading scene" by Sami Lesgi

Joona Hoikkala - The veteran speaker of TurkuSec and Certbot core contributor

Adam Klus - Adam designs threat models and attack campaign scenarios. He is also experimenting with application of hybrid threat/warfare concept to enterprise security management. His professional experience is very diverse, including roles in; fundamental equity analysis, hedge fund selection, due diligence, evaluation & management of catastrophe risk portfolios, geo/political risk assessment, and hybrid warfare research.